Page 4 - Supplement to 5th edition - New Provox Vega insertion system
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Next the loading tube has to be secured by rotating the bayonet mechanism on top of the folding tool after which the voice prosthesis can be advanced into the loading tube up to the marker line near the tip.
The insertion of the voice prosthesis can be accomplished with the System Insertion method, whereby overshooting can be prevented by keeping thumb and index finger on the distal grip area on the insertion pin while advancing the stick until thumb and finger are touching the folding tool. Just like with the former insertion system methods, the other hand should stabilize the insertion tool to keep the tip in place in the TEP tract. If Tube Insertion is preferred, the loading tube can be detached from the folding tool and thumb and finger are placed on the second grip area spot higher up on the insertion pin.
When the Capsule Insertion method is preferred, the capsule is placed inside the loading tool and the insertion pin with the voice prosthesis is carefully advanced into the capsule while keeping that in place with the thumb and fingers, as shown above. When the voice prosthesis is correctly placed inside the capsule with the esophageal flange folded forward, the folding tool can be removed and the insertion pin with the voice prosthesis on top can

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