Page 5 - Supplement to 5th edition - New Provox Vega insertion system
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be placed via the TEP tract inside the esophagus, waiting for the capsule to dissolve, which might take a couple of minutes.
Whichever of the three replacement methods is applied, it is important to check whether the esophageal flange is properly unfolded in the esophagus by rotating the voice prosthesis while exerting light traction on to the insertion pin. Then subsequently cut the safety strap, as described in the 5th edition. The three insertion methods can be viewed in the animations below.
Voluntary overshooting is easily accomplished by advancing the insertion pin beyond the distal grip surface (System insertion) or proximal grip surface (Tube insertion), which results in a complete delivery of the voice prosthesis into the esophagus. The voice prosthesis is properly positioned then with one or two non-toothed hemostats, as shown in the animation below. Overshooting is always recommended with the Vega XtraSeal in order to ensure complete delivery of the thin extra flange into the esophageal lumen.
Video animations
Below, you can view video animations of the various Vega and Vega XtraSeal replacement options. Carefully view the first video, which shows the complete procedure for the Vega insertion (System insertion method). Since checking the proper positioning of the voice prosthesis, handling of the folding tool, and handling of the voice prosthesis after insertion is

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