Page 6 - Supplement to 5th edition - New Provox Vega insertion system
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the same for all three methods, the Tube insertion and Capsule insertion animations only show what is specific for these methods.
Vega System Insertion Vega Tube Insertion
Vega Capsule insertion
Vega and XtraSeal System Insertion Overshoot - Vega and XtraSeal Tube Insertion Overshoot
Replacement of indwelling voice prostheses has a long history. The somewhat cumbersome, but reliable retrograde replacement method, originally designed for the Groningen voice prosthesis in the early eighties of the last century (5), further refined for the original Provox (2), assured proper positioning of the esophageal flange in the esophagus. With the introduction of Provox 2 (1), the anterograde replacement methods have gained momentum. The Provox2 insertion method eased the replacement procedure considerably,

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