Page 7 - Supplement to 5th edition - New Provox Vega insertion system
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even leading to a slightly shorter device life, because patients became less reluctant to have the prosthesis changed (6). Besides the Provox methods, the gel cap procedure for the softer-flanged indwelling Blom-Singer voice prostheses was the method of choice for many clinicians using that system (4). This method is somewhat more time consuming than the Provox procedure, though, because it requires dissolving of the capsule. This takes a couple of minutes and sometimes requires drinking of water to speed up the dissolution of the gel cap.
Especially, in countries where Speech Language Pathologists were the main clinician group responsible for laryngectomee care, for the Provox voice prostheses there was a request to further ease the replacement method. This lead to the development of the Smart Inserter, which automated the loading procedure and decreased the chance of involuntary overshooting of the voice prosthesis (3, 7). Now, with the introduction of the Vega Insertion System all three methods are joined in one system, which makes the choice for clinicians and patients easier.
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