Netherlands Cancer Institute: Sarcoma Expert Center

29 Jun 2020 14:20

The Sarcoma care in the Netherlands report (Sarcomenzorg in Nederland) from the Netherlands comprehensive cancer organisation (IKNL) states that the survival rates of patients with sarcomas (rare, aggressive soft tissue or bone tumors) has barely improved over the past years. One in three cases do not receive the right level of expertise, or are not discussed at an expert center. 

“It is very concerning,” Dr. Winan van Houdt, oncological surgeon, proclaims. “It is vital that all patients can access the best multidisciplinary sarcoma care and that they are discussed in a multidisciplinary team meeting and/or receive a referral to an expert center like the NKI. Especially because sarcomas are so rare, and different from one another, diagnostics and treatment can be incredibly complex. All patients deserve a multidisciplinary approach to their treatment that best fits them and their tumor type, according to the latest insights and studies, so everybody can receive the best care.”

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is one of the few expert centers in the Netherlands for diagnosis and treatment of rate cancer types. We treat all sarcoma types, except bone sarcomas. We collaborate with internationally renowned top specialists in the field, which gives us an incredible level of expertise in the area. Care and scientific insights go hand in hand at our institute. 

1400 people in the Netherlands are diagnosed with sarcomas, malignant soft tissue or bone tumors, every year. We know of more than 70 different types. Some of these are rare, others even rarer.

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