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Research administration

Clinical trials are growing increasingly complex, and the laws surrounding them often change. As a result, many of our researchers and research groups could use the support while developing and conducting their clinical studies. The NKI Research Administration (Wetenschappelijke Administratie; WA) offers our scientists comprehensive support.

Clinical Trial Service Unit (CTSU)

More than 30 jaar years ago, the Netherlands Cancer Institute established a central facility for clinical research support. Over the course of these 30 years, this department has developed into a full 'Clinical Trial Service Unit', with expertise in methodology, submission of subsidy requests, development of 'case record forms' and databases, budgetting and drawing up contracts, monitoring, handling SAE, project management, central and local data management. In short, the entire cycle of a clinical trial, from beginning to end. Thanks to the standardized way of data processing, we can still use data gathered from studies in the 90s, and update the data if needed.


For more information, contact our secretariat at +3 (0)20 – 512 2665 or e-mail

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