Henk Koenders

Over the past years, I have regularly been to the Netherlands Cancer Institute. I had to be there, privately and for work. Cancer as an illness entered my family and friend group around this time, and many of them were patients at the NKI. Including my wife, who received treatment for melanoma about 2 years ago, with great results.

I have been able to experience the professionalism and commitment of the physicians and employees at the NKI from up close. We were highly impressed - me and many of my friends.

I was involved in several of the 100 years of NKI activities as a marketing and communications advisor. I was suddenly immersed in the world of the NKI and my appreciation for the work and the organization at the hospital could only increase further. When there was an opening for a member of the patient council last year, I immediately acted because I wish to contribute my knowledge and experience to the quality of the NKI's performance in general, and especially of the patient council. I have been happily working with the patient council for almost a year now.