Kirsten Nienhuys

I have been working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute as a rehabilitation physician since 2015. I specialize in minimizing the physical and psychological problems the disease can cause in daily life.

We are always learning more about the influences of the treatment on our patients' lives. if a return to daily life cannot happen automatically anymore, we can help the patient figure out ways to manage this.

As rehabilitation physicians, we can offer advice, referrals to treatment elsewhere, or offer treatment ourselves. If we decide to take on the treatment ourselves as a team, we will approach the case from a multidisciplinary perspective. Our multidisciplinary team consists of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, art therapists, dieticians, psychologists, or social workers. Your exact treatment team will depend on the care you will need: this allows us to give you a personalized treatment plan.

Your specialist at the hospital can refer you to a rehabilitation physician. We collaborate with many other specialists. I feel inspired seeing the staff at the Netherlands Cancer Institute aspire to give all our patients the best care possible.