Wieke Verbeek

I have been working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute as a gastroenterologist specialized in oncology since 2014.

I specialize in the treatment of patients with neuroendocrine tumors (NET). We closely collaborate in multidisciplinary NET treatment teams. Our clinic was established in 1997 and has since been awarded the prestigious title of "ENETS Centre of Excellence". 

It is humbling to support patients with this rare form of cancer and their loved ones through the treatment and to offer them more clarity and support. It is my goal to ensure that all my patients receive a personalized treatment plan, not only in terms of the medicine they receive but also in communication. It is vital to me that patients and physicians establish trust between them.

Through our shared efforts into guaranteeing a high level of patient-centered care and quality life after treatment, the NKI is a great team to be part of.

I am also responsible for upper and lower GI endoscopy procedures at the Research and Treatment Center (OBC; Onderzoek en Behandel Centrum), as well as coloscopic screenings as part of the colorectal cancer population screening program. If we manage to detect cancer early, the results of the treatment will be significantly improved. I also specialize in the removal of larger colon polyps.

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