Our visitors parking lot can be found 200 meters to the right of our main entrance at the Plesmanlaan, and 500 meter to the left of our entrance at Louwesweg (please enter Louwesweg 12 on your GPS). The signs will direct you to the parking lot. You can park at our garage or parking lot. The NKI main entrance will be a 3 minute walk away. Alternatively, you can use our free shuttle service to and from the main entrance. This service is available on all weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.

Please pay at one of the pay stations in the parking garage. The pedestrian door can be opened with the parking card at night. Please exit through the garage entry, All speed gates will open automatically as you approach. The gate can be opened with your card.

Parking for people with disabilities

Parking spots reserved for people with disabilities are located on both sides of the building (P1 and P2). These parking spots are easily accessible from the main road. Seventeen parking spots on the first two floors of our parking garage are reserved for people with disabilities.

Kiss & Ride and Brief Parking (max. 5 minutes)

People who need to drop off or pick up passengers can use the National Cancer Institute’s designated zone near the entrance. You can briefly leave your car here to walk someone to or from the hospital.


After the initial four hours, our patients and visitors pay a reduced fee. After picking up and recoding your parking ticket, you can pay at one of our pay stations. The exit card expires 20 minutes after payment, so make sure to exit the area before then. Parking reserved for people with a disability is free – please pick up your free exit card by showing your disability card (not a copy) at the reception desk.

  • Parking costs are €2.00 an hour
  • The first 30 minutes are free
  • Max: €8.00 for patients and visitors of patients
  • Max: €16.00 for all others
  • Free exit card available at the reception desk for people with a disability card
Public transport

If you want to travel by public transport, please take tram 2 or bus 62 to Johan Huizingalaan. The Netherlands Cancer Institute is only a two minute walk away. Please visit to plan your journey.


Our (motor)bike parking area is located on our grounds, directly across from the main entrance. Please plan your most convenient bike route through Google Maps.


Shuttle service Nancy

Free shuttle service

The Netherlands Cancer Institute offers a free shuttle service to its patients and visitors. Our drivers will be happy to bring you from the parking lot to the main entrance on all weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.
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