Your personal patient portal

In order to keep our patients up to date on their personal health status, every patient at the Netherlands Cancer Institute can access their personal patient portal MijnAVL at any time. Through the portal, you can safely access all relevant patient information, appointments, parts of your medical history, and questionnaires from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

To log in through DigiD, please click the button below.

To MijnAVL patient portal

More information about your login

After your first consultation at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, you will be able to securely log in at MijnAVL through DigiD in two different ways:

  1. Log in with SMS verification
    Enter your DigiD username and password to log in. You will receive a text message with your login code on your mobile phone or landline. You will receive a new code every time you wish to log in to MijnAVL.
  2. Log in through the DigiD app
    You can securely log in through the DigiD app as well. You won’t need an SMS code. Before you can use the app, you will need to activate it at www.digid.nl.

Important: The DigiD app is only used as an alternative login method. The app itself is not part of MijnAVL. Keep in mind that the option to log in through the DigiD app will initially be selected. If you would prefer to log in using SMS verification, please select the correct option.

More information about DigiD

Your DigiD is your Digital Identity; a system through which the government can verify your identity. You can use your DigiD for an increasing number of governmental institutions.

For more information about DigiD, or to request a DigiD, activate SMS verification, or the DigiD app, please visit www.digid.nl. DigiD also offers a simplified explanation here: www.digid.uabc.nl.

Questions about MijnAVL

You can find more information about MijnAVL in the Patient information MijnAVL flyer. For questions about the portal or your login, please contact the Patient Information Centre at  mijnavl@nki.nl. For questions about appointments at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, please contact our Outpatient Back Office at tpp@nki.nl. They can view all your appointments and plan in new ones. Both Centres can be contacted through the number +31 (0) 20 512 9111

The MijnAVL terms and conditions can be found here.

Frequently asked questions about MijnAVL

How should I log in?

you can log in to MijnAVL through your DigiD with SMS verification or through the DigiD app.

Why do I need DigiD to log in?

You can only access your medical history when logged in through DigiD with SMS verification or the DigiD app. This helps us ensure that your personal details are secure and that your privacy is guaranteed.

What if I can't log in?

Consider the following steps if you are unable to log in to MijnAVL:

  • Please try a different browser, such as Internet Explorer/Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  • Check if you have selected the correct option in DigiD. ‘Log in through DigiD app’ is automatically selected. If you want to use SMS verification, you need to select the correct option before each login.
  • Were you notified that you do not meet the level ‘Midden’? This means that you have not activated two-factor authentication through SMS verification or the DigiD app yet. Please log in to your DigiD to activate one of these options.
  • There might be an issue on DigiD’s end, or maybe the site is down. Please see digid.nl for more information.
  • If you still cannot log in, or if your BSN cannot be found, please contact the Netherlands Cancer Institute Patient Information Centre at +31 (0)20 512 9111 or through mijnavl@nki.nl.

I have a question about DigiD, where should I go?

Please contact DigiD. You can find the frequently asked questions about DigiD on www.digid.nl. Please find the contact details of the DigiD customer service on the contact page.


Which appointments can I find on MijnAVL?

You can find any appointment scheduled with you on MijnAVL. Please remember to read your appointment letter sent to your home. The letter can contain extra information about when you should be at the hospital, or if you need to prepare for your appointment

You can also find all your past appointments in MijnAVL, as well as your admission dates.

Can I see when I will be admitted?

Yes, look under Appointments to see when you will be admitted to the Netherlands Cancer Institute, as well as all past admission dates.

An employee from the Admissions department will contact you about your admission date. Afterwards your admission date will be finalised.

Can I see when I will have surgery?

Yes, look under Appointments to see when you will have surgery at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, as well as all past surgery dates. Your dates will appear once they have been finalised. If you are waitlisted, you will not be able to view your dates.

MijnAVL shows that I have an appointment but I wasn't informed. Why?

Om het zorgproces zo goed en snel mogelijk te organiseren worden er soms al afspraken gemaakt voordat hierover met u contact is geweest. Het kan dus voorkomen dat u al een afspraak op MijnAVL ziet staan waar u nog niet over geïnformeerd bent. U wordt hier nog verder over geïnformeerd. Het overzicht op MijnAVL is altijd de meest recente versie.

For questions, please contact the relevant department at +31 (0)20 512 9111. or visit the front desk of your department at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Can I change my appointment through MijnAVL?

You cannot change your appointment in MijnAVL. please contact the relevant department through +31 (0)20 512 9111, or visit the front desk of your department at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Medical history

Where can I ask my question about a test result I found on MijnAVL?

If you have questions about your test results, please wait until your next appointment with your practicing physician to discuss your concerns. He or she can tell you what your results mean and how they should be interpreted. In case your question is more urgent, please contact our Planning Department (+31 (0)20 512 9111) to set up a phone consultation with your practicing physician.

Why does my test result appear MijnAVL before it has been discussed with me?

All test results will appear in MijnAVL after 7 days. You might be able to view your results before your practicing physician has discussed them with you. To avoid this scenario, please wait until after your next consultation to check your results.

Are you not sure whether you want to view your results before your next appointment? Some patients prefer hearing their results in person, so your physician can talk to you about their meaning and implications. Other people prefer to know in advance so they can prepare more detailed questions. You can decide whether or not you want to know your results beforehand.


What should I do with the questionnaire(s) on MijnAVL?

Your care provider can send you questionnaires through MijnAVL. A filled our questionnaire can offer your care providers more information about your treatment. You can fill out these questionnaires at home.

You can also fill out the questionnaire at the hospital instead of MijnAVL. You will receive the questionnaire(s) in paper form at the front desk of your department.

I received an e-mail telling me that there is a questionnaire on MijnAVL, but I do not have a DigiD and/or SMS verification so I cannot log in. What should I do?

If you have not received your DigiD and/or SMS verification on time, or if you prefer not to use MijnAVL, you can fill out the questionnaires on paper at the hospital during your next visit.

Please ask the front desk of your department for assistance.

Safety and privacy

Are my personal details safe and protected?

The only way to access your medical history is by logging in through DigiD with SMS verification or the DigiD app. This helps us protect your privacy by keeping your personal details secure.

What about my privacy?

We want to know how often our patients use MijnAVL, so we keep track of the total amount of logins. All medical details you enter will be added to your medical file.

I was automatically logged out of MijnAVL. Why did that happen?

To further guarantee your privacy, you will be logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity. We recommend logging out after using the site, or when leaving your computer.

Other information

Who can use MijnAVL?

All patients registered at the Netherlands Cancer Institute can access MijnAVL. The only requirement is a BSN (Dutch social security number). This ensures that you are the only person who can access your medical file.

I have a question or comment, where should I go?

For questions or comments about MijnAVL, please contact our Patient information centre. They are open for visitors between Monday and Friday from 09.00 to 17.00 from the central hall, and can be contacted at +31 (0)20 512 9111 or mijnavl@nki.nl.

I have ideas on how MijnAVL could be improved. Where should I submit my suggestion?

We would love to hear your suggestions on how to improve MijnAVL. Please submit your ideas at mijnavl@nki.nl.