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Please note: unfortunately, logins from outside of Europe are currently not going through. Exceptions are the Caribbean, Suriname, and Morocco. 

MijnAVL is your personal patient portal. You can use MijnAVL to view your appointments, medical file, information, and questionnaires. This helps you stay up-to-date on your medical situation. You can use MijnAVL to prepare for your next appointment, and review the information you have previously received. You can use DigiD to log in safely on any of your devices.

Note: you can only log in using the DigiD App or with text message verification. Your username and password will not be sufficient.

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Log in with DigiD

Your privacy is important to us. That's why MijnAVL requires DigiD to safely log in. You can use the DigiD App or set up text message verification to log in. Note that you cannot log in with only your username and password: you need to activate the app or text message verification. You can use text message verification on your mobile phone or landline phone.

Log in with DigiD

Would you like to learn more about DigiD or are you inable to log in? Please see the tips below or contact us at +31(0)20 512 9111, mijnavl@nki.nl, or contact the Patient Information Center.

Please note: the DigiD App is an alternative method to log in to MijnAVL; it is not a MijnAVL app.

Login tips for DigiD

How do I log in with the DigiD app?

To log in using the DigiD app, you will need to install the DigiD App on your phone. 

If you have never installed or used the DigiD app
Please find more information about downloading and activating the DigiD App on the DigiD website.

If you have previously used the DigiD App on your phone or tablet
You can log in the same way as usual:

  1. Click on the button to log in to MijnAVL.
  2. You will be sent to the DigiD page. Click on the option to log in using the app.
  3. You can now use the numerical code or QR code to log in.

Learn more about DigiD login methods on DigiD.nl

How do I log in using text message (SMS) verification

To log in using text message (SMS) verification, you need to activate SMS verification in your DigiD account. You can use text message verification with your smart phone or landline phone. If you enter a phoe number connected to a landline phone (non-mobile phone) you will receive your text message/SMS as a spoken message.

Have you never used text message verification before?
Read more about activating text message verification on the DigiD website

Have you used text message verification before?
Then you can follow the usual steps to log in.

  1. Click on the button to log in to MijnAVL.
  2. You will be sent to the DigiD page. Click on the option to log in using SMS verification.
  3. You can now use your username, password, and text message verification to log in.

Read more on DigiD.nl

I don't have a DigiD account, can I still log in?

Unfortunately you will not be able to log in without DigiD.

We greatly value your privacy and want to handle your personal data securely. This is why we only allow logins through DigiD.

Request a DigiD account
You can apply for a DigiD account on DigiD.nl
Note that you need a Dutch social security number (burgerservicenummer; BSM) to apply for a DigiD. It can take up to 3 weekdays before you receive your activation code.

I logged in using DigiD but I received an error message

MijnAVL is only for existing patients
You can only log in to MijnAVL if you are a patient at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. It is unfortunately not possible for family members or loved ones of our patients to log in to MijnAVL.

Accessing MijnAVL after your Social Security Number (BSN) check
You can only log in to MijnAVL once one of our staff members has verified your Social Security Number (BSN). This allows us to be sure that only you have access to your personal data. We perform this check when the NKI first contacts you by phone. Something may have gone temporarily wrong. Please contact us at +31 (0)20 512 9111 if you want to receive access to MijnAVL.

Can I access the MijnAVL account of a family member or loved one?

MijnAVL only for patients
You can only log in to MijnAVL if you are a patient at the NKI. Unfortunately, family members or loved ones of our patients are unable to log in.

Questions about MijnAVL

Do you have questions about MijnAVL? We have answered the frequently asked questions about MijnAVL on this page. if you do not see your question, please contact us at 020 512 9111mijnavl@nki.nl or visit the Patient Information Center in the central hall. 

Frequently asked questions

I received an email telling me to fill out a questionnaire. What should I do?

Please fill out your questionnaire before your important. This allows your health care provider to prepare for the consultation. Please fill out the questionnaire by logging in to MijnAVL. You can find the questionnaire under 'Vragenlijsten'. Select the right questionnaire and click the red button to fill out the questionnaire. 

Have you never used MijnAVL before? Please read more about logging in on this page.

Are you not a patient at the NKI? Your email address may have been provided to us by a loved one. Only the patient themselves can complete the questionnaire in MijnAVL. 

If you do not see your questionnaire or if you need help, please contact the Patient Information Center at 020 512 9111, mijnavl@nki.nl.

I want to avoid seeing my latest results, how can I prevent that?

MijnAVL does not immediately show you your medical file after login. You can only see your medical file by navigating to it and selecting the results that you want to view. Some results come with an additional warning. You will be asked if you are sure that you want to continue to the results.

You can safely use MijnAVL without viewing your results or medical file.

There are results missing or I see results that I was not informed of

A result is missing.
Most conclusions resulting from test results, letters, diagnoses and multidisciplinary team meetings will only be available on MijnAVL after 7 days. In some cases, the results take longer to come in because the tests may take longer to complete. Allergies and side effects, ECG, ergometry, implants, pulmonary function tests, measuring, and neuropsychological tests usually appear on MijnAVL without delays, where you can immediately view them. 

I see results that I was not informed of

Because all results will appear 7 days after the completion of the test, you may see a result that your specialist has not discussed with you. If you don't want to see results that you have not discussed, we recommend waiting until your next consultation.

Are you not sure whether you want to see the results before your consultation? Some patients prefer getting this information from their specialist, so they can explain what the results mean for you. Other patients prefer viewing their results before their consultation, so they are informed during their appointment and can ask questions. You can decide which option is best for you.

Safety and privacy

You can only access your medical file by logging in to DigiD with text message verification or the DigiD app. This helps us protect your personal data.

We would like to know how often our patients use MijnAVL. That's why we track the amount of logins. All data you enter when filling out the questionnaires will be stored securely in your medical file.

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