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Image-guided therapy

Thanks to faster and clearer medical imaging, surgeries and radiation treatments have become much more precise. The Netherlands Cancer Institute is a leading party in the development and application of the newest image-guided techniques.

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is a leading party in the international development and implementation of image-guided techniques. Through CT, MRI, and PET, we can now recreate an accurate three-dimensional image of the patient’s anatomy which will help us determine the tumor’s location, size, biological characteristics, and exact environment. We always use the latest technology in our treatments, such as the Da Vinci robot used in our operating rooms. Special 3D navigation technology determines the tumor’s exact location. These innovative techniques can determine the location of hard-to-find tumors in a less invasive way, and with significantly fewer risks of tissue damage in the surrounding areas. We strive to be able to follow the tumor during the entire treatment in place, time and function in order to adapt the treatment.

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Innovative research into image-guided therapy

In this video, doctors and researchers at the NKI show how they want to improve image-guided therapy. What can they already do, and which questions are still unanswered?
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