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Precision medicine

We aspire to make precision medicine available to more of our patients in the future. Precision medicine is a type of treatment that is adjusted to each tumor’s unique biological traits. That’s why we are constantly researching precision medicine to further develop our treatments.

Scientific research has shown that every cancer is different, and that every tumor has its own DNA deviation. This means that all people will respond differently to treatment. By taking a closer look at the genetic defects that result in cancer, we can create a more precise – and more effective – treatment plan. We call this treatment precision medicine. The Netherlands Cancer Institute uses precision medicine for certain types of breast cancer, prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, and melanoma, and we hope to be able to deliver precision medicine to all of our patients one day. We are currently conducting research to further develop the treatment, in which we map out which gene mutations are responsible for cell derailment, which can lead to cancer. We also investigate the efficacy of certain therapy and treatment types, and their combinations, on several different tumor types.


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