Referring clinicians and the Netherlands Cancer Institute

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is a secondary and tertiary care center for cancer patients.
If you suspect breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, or intestinal cancer, you can refer your patient to our care. We have set up a special general practitioner outpatient clinic, where patients can be seen within one day after referral.

We offer rapid diagnostics for many types of cancer. Our rapid diagnostics include additional relevant tests and consultations with all specialists involved. All patient cases will be discussed during a multidisciplinary team meeting. Afterward, patients are free to pick their preferred hospital for treatment.

Referring your patient

Please note: as of March 31, 2022, we will no longer be using fax to send or receive messages. We would like to ask you to use the secure e-mail platforms Zorgmail or Zivver instead, or use our digital referral form.

Please fill out the referral form in its entirety and attach all relevant documentation, so we can plan an appointment to see the patient at the appropriate clinic.

Once the form has been filled out and submitted, our planning department will process it. The patient will receive an invitation to come to the clinic that is most suitable for their symptoms. Most of our clinics are tumor-specific and multidisciplinary. After the appointment, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


All general practitioners can use ZorgDomein to digitally refer patients to the Netherlands Cancer Institute. All information for our specialists can be submitted through ZorgDomein. Click here to visit ZorgDomein.

Fax referral no longer possible

As of March 31, 2022, we can no longer be contacted by fax. We would like to ask you to use the secure e-mail platforms Zorgmail or Zivver instead

Radiotherapy referral

For referrals to our Radiotherapy Department, we ask that you use the following e-mail address:

As of March 31, 2022, we can no longer be contacted by fax.

Include the following in your email

  • a referral containing all relevant information in the medical history
  • copies of relevant pathology reports
  • copies of relevant operative reports
  • copies of relevant x-ray reports

To submit radiology imaging and reports digitally, please use the Twiin image exchange portal.

In case of an emergency, please call +31 (0)20 512 9111. The patient’s medical history can be brought in together with the patient.

Submitting radiology and nuclear medicine scans

To submit radiology imaging and reports digitally, please use the Twiin image exchange portal.

Running trials

Trial app
Many of our trials are available on our Trial app. We expect to cover significantly more trials over the coming months.

Trialapp in Google Play Store
Trialapp in Apple App Store

Working methods
You can search for a suitable running trial at the Netherlands Cancer Institute by entering the patient's characteristics. You will find a list of all running trials that might meet the patient’s requirements. You can browse the trials to find out more: their main criteria of in/exclusion, intervention, goals, and research design.

For patients
Several running trials include a Dutch summary for patients. You can find them on our website.

Phase 1 trial

If there are no further treatment options for your patient, you could consider an experimental treatment, such as our phase 1 trials. If you would like more information about whether your patient might quality for one of our phase 1 trials, please send a short e-mail to As long as you include the following patient details in your e-mail, we will be able to determine whether your patient qualifies for experimental treatment at our hospital, and whether a referral could be worthwhile.

Minimum necessary patient details to include:

  • Name of referring clinician
  • Telephone number of referring clinician
  • Name patient
  • Date of birth patient
  • Tumour type
  • Previous treatments
  • Known results and molecular diagnostics

Note: If you are a patient looking to see whether you would qualify for a phase 1 trial, please notify your attending physician so he or she can contact us. 


Help us improve our patient care

Together we can improve patient care even further. Please send your comments, suggestions or questions to Please do not use this e-mail address to ask medical questions or for consultations with medical specialists. 


Please submit your complaint through our online complaints procedure. Our complaints officer will make sure that your issue will be resolved.

Consultation General Practitioners and specialists

Four times a year, the Netherlands Cancer Institute hosts a meeting for general practitioners and specialists, during which topics like accessibility, cooperation, and the twice-yearly GP-symposium are discussed. These meetings are led by Bart Meijman, general practitioner Amsterdam-Osdorp and co-founder Optimale zorg - Dappere dokters (Optimal care - Brave doctors), and Marie-Jeanne Vrancken-Peeters, breast cancer surgeon at the NKI.

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