Visiting hours

In order to lower the risk of coronavirus infections at our hospital, we will attempt to keep the number of people at the hospital at a minimum. This involves restrictions on people visiting patients at one of our wards, and people accompanying patients to their appointments. Some of our visitation restrictions have been adjusted as of Saturday, June 26.

All eased restrictions for patients, support people, and visitors as of Saturday, June 26:

  • Visitation of up to 2 people: patients can receive a total of 2 visitors per day (24 hours). Visitors are welcome to bring up to 1 child under 13. He or she will not count towards the maximum number of visitors per day.
  • Visiting hours extended: visiting hours will be extended and will now be between30 and 19.30.
  • Registration of visitors: we will no longer register all visitors on the NKI iPad. The reception will no longer verify your registration at the main entrance.
  • Support person for admission: patients coming in for hospital admission or surgery will now be able to bring one support person. The current support person restrictions will continue to be in effect in all other departments due to the space limitations.

Visitors and support people will need to stick to the core restrictions at all times: a social distance of 1.5 meters, face mask, hand hygiene, and staying home when experiencing symptoms.

Intensive Care

ICU visiting hours deviate from our regular visiting hours. ICU Patients can receive 1 patient between 10:00 and 22:00 every 24 hours.