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Our research: the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Our research institute at the Netherlands Cancer Institute closely collaborates with our hospital to bring new treatment to the clinic as soon as possible.

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Akkari Leila

Faces of NKI: Leila Akkari

Hundreds of researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute dedicate their lives to new ways of outsmarting cancer. But who are they? We would like to introduce you to Leila Akkari.
Leila Akkari Cancer researcher

Our research themes

The following five important themes are central to the Netherlands Cancer Institute and its research:

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI groundbreaking in cancer care

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers many new opportunities to improve cancer research, diagnostics, and patient treatment. AI allows computers to perform human-like skills such as reasoning, learning, and planning by using algorithms; mathematical formulas or sets of instructions to solve problems. These algorithms can be used to determine what will happen in a particular situation. Computers may see things that people don't, which could help AI researchers and physicians make better decisions - for example in early detection and treatment of cancer.

  • Early detection of breast cancer with MRI;
  • Treatment with adaptive radiotherapy;
  • Clinical use of AI in radiology;
  • Therapy response: does the treatment work?

Read more about the projects and collaborations at AI technology for people on this page.   

From the lab to the clinic

The Netherlands Cancer Institute uses three types of scientific research. Fundamental research helps us unravel the foundations of biology. Researchers use these discoveries in our translational research to develop new treatment that can be tested in the hospital. Clinical research tests the application of these new treatments and diagnostics.

Want to participate in a study?

Would you like to find out what your options for trial participation are? Please contact your practicing physician. You can read more about clinical trials on this page.

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