FacesofNKI: meet group leader Martijn Stuiver

30 Jan 2023 15:00

Hundreds of scientists at the Netherlands Cancer Institute dedicate their lives to finding ways to outsmart cancer. Meet group leader and physical therapist Martijn Stuiver.

Martijn Stuiver Facesofnki
"I see so much resilience in people dealing with cancer, I find that really impressive," says clinical epidemiologist and physical therapist Martijn Stuiver. "It might feel counter-intuitive to go to the gym when you're feeling tired and nauseated and your joints hurt.”
Martijn Stuiver

“But those are precisely the symptoms for which exercise can be very helpful. It's great to see even the more vulnerable patients benefit from a bicycle training session in the exercise room, for example."

Martijn is working hard on the scientific foundation of supportive care for cancer patients, such as exercise or nutrition programs. "By showing what is effective, I want to ensure that innovations actually reach the patient," he says.

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