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At the Netherlands Cancer Institute, we want to actively involve our patients in our goal to improve our care. Besides our Patient Council, we use our digital panel, focus groups, feedback sessions, interviews, and the structural feedback requests by questionnaires (PREMs and PROMs). Find an overview of our methods below.

Netherlands Cancer Institute patient panel

The Netherlands Cancer Institute has a digital patient panel on which we research specific topics, 4 to 6 times a year. These topics could be supportive care, information services, or mijnAVL.

We would appreciate your input on these matters through the patient panel. Use the link below to sign up for the panel. Your participation is entirely voluntary and will remain so at all times.

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at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, we use PREM and PROM questionnaires.

These questionnaires allow us a greater insight into the ways patients experience our care and services at the hospital and what is important for their quality of life.

PREM: Patient Reported Experience Measures
This questionnaire measures patient experiences at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In 2020, more than 1,200 shared their experiences with the NKI with us. A majority stated to be happy with the expertise of, and interactions with the health care professionals they saw at the hospital. Our wait times and (information about) aftercare have room for improvement. 

PROM: Patient Reported Outcome Measures
This questionnaire measures patient experiences regarding their quality of life. The questionnaire can offer insights into health problems experienced before the treatment and can lead to a treatment goal for every patient. PROMs can be used during treatment to further adapt the care to the patient's needs. After the treatment, PROMs allow us to map out the effects of the treatment on the patient's physical and mental health and functioning.

Find more information about the questionnaires below.

PREM Questionnaire

PREM: Patient Reported Experience Measures
This questionnaire is completely anonymous and concerns your experiences with our care and services. Some questions you can expect include: "how did you experience the information we provided?" or "Did your practicing physician listen to your concerns?"

We approach our patients a month after the start of their treatment. This can be a patient's first treatment or a follow-up procedure. We will only approach patients with a PREP questionnaire once every 9 months, and we will only approach the patients who have given the NKI permission to email them during their hospital registration.

The questionnaire will take approximately 7 minutes to complete. Participation is entirely anonymous. Several questions will ask for consent to include the questions in so other patients can be informed of your experiences at the NKI. You can use the questionnaire to let us know what went well and what could be improved. This allows us to consistently improve our care and services.

Your experience
As a patient at the NKI, you will automatically receive an email containing the concerning study. You may not have received the email yet. We have started using the PREM questionnaire in 2020 and not all patients are currently receiving the questionnaire. We expect to be able to include all patients as of 2020. If you would like to share your experiences before then, please use ZorgkaartNederland.

PROM Questionnaire

PROM: Patient Reported Outcome Measures
PROMs are questionnaires in which we ask you about your feelings and how you are doing. The questionnaire involves questions about, for example, pain, fatigue, and your emotional wellbeing. You will have to complete this questionnaire during different stages of your treatment, like before the start, during treatment, and every year during your checkup.

This questionnaire is a part of regular care. Your physician will be able to view your answers in the digital patient file. He or she can discuss your answers with you during your checkup appointment. This allows you to receive answers to questions like: "are my experiences normal?" and "Can I receive help for this?" Your answers can also help your physician. He or she will better understand your symptoms and issues and can use this to determine whether you will need further care. You can find the questionnaire in MijnAVL.

Questions or comments

if you have any questions or comments about this topic, please email

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