Anne Gualtherie van Weezel

I have been part of the team of medical social workers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since 2016. Initially, I started during my social work training and later joined the staff. After completing my training, I knew that I wanted to stay at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

I have witnessed the relief that proper psychosocial support (information, psychoeducation, tools) can bring when patients and their loved ones are adjusting to the various stages of their illness. During my conversations, I search for the possibilities to deal with your problems concerning your illness or treatment together with you and your loved ones. We offer personalized care, and the number of consultations and their frequency will depend on your own needs and will be scheduled in collaboration with you.

I focus on treatment for AYAS (Adolescents and Young Adults) and patients with a migratory background. I have worked on large-scale research among AYAs by the AVL research department (PSOE). My main motivation to work on this research was the optimization of care for AYAS and their loved ones at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.