Jana van der Sar

I have been working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since 1997. I started out as an oncology nurse and then became a nurse practitioner specializing in the field of pharmacology. In 2014, I started working in neuro-oncology. Most brain tumor patients will encounter me at some point during their treatment. I always try to make sure that my patients leave our hospital with a smile on their face. Together with my team of specialists, I try to surround my patients with care and come up with suitable treatment plans. We prioritize personal care because every patient is unique and every brain tumor patient experiences different symptoms. The focus on personal care is one of the things that make my work at the Netherlands Cancer Institute so special.

Some patients participate in trials. I guide these patients through their treatment and provide proper care for them. I keep a close eye on them, make sure that all study procedures are performed well, and see to it that all data is collected correctly. 

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