Gerrit Meijer

As the head of research and innovation, I am responsible for innovations in patient care at our department through translational scientific research. I lead the Diagnostic Translational Oncology section and am group leader of a research group researching biomarker development for early detection, prognosis determination, and treatment response predictions for colorectal cancer. I am also incolved in local and (inter)national research infrastructure programs, especially in biobanking and related areas.

As a pathologists, you view the condition through a microscope in great detail. You try to analyze and classify your observations and consider what they could mean for the diangosis and treatment. Thanks to the development of personalized medicine, or precision medicine, the field of pathology is rapidly changing, including at our department. Pathology can function as a bridge between research ubti the mechanisms of illness, and its application into the clinic. This makes pathology an important factor in the Netherlands Cancer Institute's translational research.

Secondary activities:

  • Supervisory Board IKNL, vice-chairman
  • BBMRI.NL, national co-director
  • EATRIS.NL, national director
  • Health-RI, chief science officer
  • ZonMW program committee personalized medicine, vice-chairman
  • ZonMW program committee translational research, member
  • AACR GENIE, member executive committee
  • AACR Pathology Taskforce, member
  • AACR Publications Committee, member
  • Zorginstituut Nederland, member Expertise group Control registers for expensive drugs
  • CRCbioscreen B.V., co-founder/Chief Scientific Officer and shareholder
  • Missie Tumor Onbekend, member advice committee