Pauline van Dijen

I have been working as a physical therapist specializing in edema at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since 2006.

I completed my studies in Utrecht and graduated in 1991. Immediately after I packed my bags and gained experience at various hospitals in Switzerland and England. After 4 years I returned to further specialize in my field in the Netherlands. I worked at a primary care practice and took several classes, including a training program for manual therapy and physical therapy for edemas.

After obtaining my specialization in physical therapy for edema, I started working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Together with my colleague Miranda, I man the lymphedema clinic. My work is challenging and fun. The challenge lies in the multifaceted problem of edemas as a result of treatments.

The fun lies in being able to help our patients within our skills as therapists and as humans. The collaborations with my colleagues and the other disciplines are great, everybody here is easily accessible.

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