Lisette van der Molen

I first came to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in 2006 as a PhD research trainee. I researched whether an early start with speech rehabilitation could prevent or minimize the negative side effects of oncological treatment (such as trouble swallowing). I received my PhD as a result of this research project. In part thanks to my positive research results, we now see (nearly) all head and neck cancer patients at the Speech Therapy department before their oncological treatment.

Besides my patient care, I conduct research with great enthusiasm every week, to ensure that our patients can count on the best rehabilitation from us. Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary field. As the coordinator of the head and neck rehabilitation team since 2010, I know all about the value of multidisciplinary rehabilitation. By creating a rehabilitation program together with a team of enthusiastic medical and paramedical specialists, catered to the needs of each individual patient, patients will be able to integrate back into society much more rapidly after their treatment.

The diversity among our patient population, being able to help patients, working in a team, and the many possibilities that the Netherlands Cancer Institute offers, makes this a challenging, motivating, and inspiring place to work.

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