Merel Latenstein

I have been happily working at the Speech Therapy department at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since 2009. I see all patients who are experiencing trouble speaking or swallowing, or anything regarding their voice, language, or hearing as a result of a tumor or cancer treatment. I see patients for examinations or treatment. Speech therapy aims to remedy or alleviate problems, and improve the quality of life. 

On Wednesday afternoons I hold special consultations for people who underwent a total laryngectomy, the removal of the larynx. I see them for checkups, recommendations, and for speech and smell rehabilitation after surgery. I also provide courses about the surgery and the following rehabilitation in the country as well as internationally together with the head and neck surgeons. I am part of the head and neck rehabilitation program. I work with a team of enthusiastic medical and paramedical specialists to come up with a rehabilitation program that fits the needs of every individual patient, so our patients can integrate back into society more rapidly.