Niels Kok

I have been working as a surgical oncologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute since 2014. After my surgical training in Rotterdam, I took a fellowship in pancreatic and bile duct surgery (Erasmus MC) and liver and advanced colorectal surgery (Netherlands Cancer Institute). As a member of staff, I mainly concern myself with the local treatment of, and research into colon cancer metastases in the abdominal wall and the liver, treatment for locally advanced colon cancer, and treatment for neuroendocrine tumors

It is a privilege to work at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. As a team, we can offer our patients a multidisciplinary perspective and usually can give them a personalized treatment type. The specialists receive the support of specialized and committed abdominal radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, and pathologists as well as a team of nurses who care for our patients with warmth and attention. 

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