Voorgevel gevel voorkant avond nacht

Mission, vision, and core values

For over a hundred years, the Netherlands Cancer Institute has pioneered in the battle against cancer. We have received numerous compliments and acknowledgments from patients and external committees. That is an exceptional achievement that has been made possible by our combination of research among the world's best, and high-quality care. We have become exactly what our founders had envisioned, and that vision remains unchanged.


The NKI is one of the top 10 Comprehensive Cancer Centers in Europe

Because of our unique combination of cancer care and research and international knowledge exchange, we make a significant contribution to finding a solution for the problem of cancer in the 21st century.

A cure for every cancer and excellent care for every patient

The NKI strives towards the best possible, personalized treatment for every person with cancer, turning cancer into a chronic illness instead of a death sentence.

One thing that truly makes us stand out, more even than our combination of excellent care and superb researchers, is the involvement and passion of our staff and volunteers. We value a culture that prioritizes care that centralizes the patient, and research of the best attainable quality. That may be the most important thing we have built over the years. 

Our mission, vision, and core values will not change. What does change, is the way we safeguard our unique working culture. This gives direction to the way we work towards cutting-edge breakthroughs together, and to continue to provide the best care possible. They are recognizable and make sure that people fit into the organization; as a (future) employee and as a patient receiving treatment.

René Medema, chair of the Executive Board

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