During treatment for esophageal or stomach cancer, people may experience problems with nutrition. The dietitians at the Netherlands Cancer Institute specialize in nutrition for esophageal and stomach cancer patients and can give you practical support in ensuring that you are getting the proper nutrients during your treatment, which can help you in your recovery. They will be responsible for the clinical nutrition you will receive during your hospital admission and will cover your (tube) feedings once you are back home. They can help you transition from clinical nutrition back to regular food. Our dietary and nutritional recommendations are based on the latest insights and patient experiences. 

Using a Ventilated Hood, we can measure your rest metabolic rate while a BIS can measure your body composition. This allows us to calculate your caloric and protein requirements. This allows us to come up with a personalized dietary recommendation for you. The BIS can also be used to evaluate your dietary treatment. The Dietetics department has access to a Ventilated Hood and BIS.

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