Multimodal image guiding

In tumor and metastasis diagnostics, we often use multiple modalities (CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound). Although all modalities generate imaging of the same organ or region, they all offer different information. Some metastases show up on a PET scan or MRI, but not or barely on other scans or ultrasounds. Radiology interventions or minimally invasive image guided treatment usually uses CT and/or ultrasound. The information gathered from an MRI scan or PET scan can only be used by means of memory. New technologies allow us to combine imaging from MRI, CT, and/or PET scan, to project them on a live ultrasound image which allows for increased precision when taking biopsies or burning metastases using MWA. Another application of multimodal image guiding is the integration of a CT scanner, ultrasound, and angiogram at the interventional radiology room, which allows us to switch the modality that can supply the most relevant information at any time during the procedure. This, too, allows for the use of previously made imaging (such as PET and MRI), to fuse them with imaging made during the procedure. These new developments allow us to take biopsies with increased certainty and the image guided treatments can be better adapted to the individual patients. 


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