Lung cancer

Read more about the patient satisfaction rates, our specialists' expertise, innovations, and wait times for lung cancer treatment.

Paul Baas
Because nearly all conceivable treatment options are available here, our multidisciplinary team can truly adapt the treatment to the condition.
Prof. dr. Paul Baas Pulmonologist

Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction rates are the opinions of our patients on the care and services they received at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Our patients named expertise, personal care, information, trust, and the possibility to be involved as important aspects in their ratings of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.


Satisfaction rates for patients with lung cancer at the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Patients with lung cancer give the Netherlands Cancer Institute the following ratings.

  • 9.1
  • 9.0
  • 9.0
  • 8.8
    Wishes when choosing treatment
  • 8.7
    Shared decision making
Op De Kelder
"In most hospitals, the condition will be central to the treatment, but here we also focus on psychosocial support."
Dhr. op de Kelder Patient


Expertise is the experience and skill of our specialists, specific to this cancer type. We measure their expertise by keeping records of the numbers of patients treated, the numbers of patients requesting a second opinion, and the types of treatments being delivered.

The following data is based on the year 2020.


  • 4124

    patients with lung cancer
  • 2705

    new patients
  • 260

    second opinions

Further division by treatment type

The expertise of our team of specialists is based on the three main treatments: the number of patients receiving surgery, radiation, and/or treatment with cancer drugs. We will give you further insights into our experience per treatment.

Surgical treatments (most common)

  • 154

    thoracic procedures
  • 19

    Interventions by means of robotic surgery

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is part of the quality registration audit “Dutch Lung Cancer Audit” which ensures an overview of the quality of care at this and other hospitals. The results are compared to the national average. 

Drug treatments (most common)

  • 357

  • 330

    targeted therapy
  • 302


Many patients at the Netherlands Cancer Institute participate in a clinical trial looking into drug treatments, such as immunotherapy. These patients have not been included in the overview. 

Radiation treatments (most common)

  • 689

    radiation treatments
  • 349

    stereotactic treatment
  • 265

    patients treated with longer radiation plans
  • 84

    patients treated with a shorter radiation plan
  • 5

    Cooperation partners
Koen Hartemink in gesprek (longkanker)
Together with specialists across various disciplines, we prepare a personalized treatment plan for each patient.
Dr. Koen Hartemink Surgeon
14 days

Wait times lung cancer

The wait times for an appointment or second opinion for lung cancer are 14 days at most. Your referrer can contact us for more information or coordination.

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