Neuroendocrine tumors (NET)

Read more about the patient satisfaction rates, our specialists' expertise, innovations, and wait times for neuroendocrine tumors (NET) treatment.

NET team
As a NET team, we specialize in NET tumors to deliver the best care possible.
Dr. Margot Tesselaar Internist

Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction rates are the opinions of our patients on the care and services they received at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Our patients named expertise, personal care, information, trust, and the possibility to be involved as important aspects in their ratings of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.


Patient satisfaction rates at the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Patients give the Netherlands Cancer Institute the following ratings.

  • 8.9
  • 9.0
  • 9.1
  • 8.7
    Wishes when choosing treatment
  • 8.8
    Shared decision making


Expertise is the experience and skill of our specialists, specific to this cancer type. We measure their expertise by keeping records of the numbers of patients treated, the numbers of patients requesting a second opinion, and the types of treatments being delivered.

The following data is based on the year 2015


  • 349

    Total number of patients
  • 182

    new patients
  • 25

    second opinions

Further division by treatment type

The expertise of our team of specialists is based on the three main treatments: the number of patients receiving surgery, radiation, and/or treatment with cancer drugs. We will give you further insights into our experience per treatment.

  • 37

    surgical treatments
  • 47

    radiation treatments

Drug treatments

At the NKI we offer treatment with hormone therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and liver embolization. 80% of patients receive drug treatments. 

Treatment results

Patients want to know what the effects of the treatment are. Is the cancer gone? What is survivorship like? What is the risk of complications? Did the symptoms and pain diminish? What is the risk of recurrence? 

Survival rates

For NET tumors in the small intestine, the median survival rate is 120 months. For NET tumors in the pancreas, the median survival rate is 65 months.

We strive to inform you about the complications, recurrences (the risk of the tumor coming back), and the quality of life experienced by our patients. 


Wait times

Our wait times are currently longer than we would like for certain treatments. Displayed below are the expected wait times.

Our physicians closely monitor whether the wait time is acceptable for you based on your situation and physical shape. The wait times may differ between patients if the situation requires it.

  • 14 days

    Second opinion

    You can usually get a second opinion within two weeks. For a second opinion, we will need to have received and verified your PA levels from your referring hospital. Then we can schedule your appointment. For suspected NEC (neuroendocrine carcinoma), treatment will start sooner - we aim for a wait time of 1 week.

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