What is a PET/CT scan PSMA?

A PSMA PET/CT scan is used to diagnose people with elevated PSA levels after previous treatment for prostate cancer (surgery or radiation therapy). The elevated PSA levels may indicate that the cancer has come back. This scan can also help us find potential metastases in patients who have not received their treatment yet. The PSMA PET/CT scan is a relatively new development in finding metastases or tumor recurrence at an early stage, even when PSA levels in the blood are still fairly low. This helps us find a treatment that is best suited for you. We will administer a small dose of radioactive PSMA, which will bind to the prostate cancer cells, making them visible on the scan. This dose of radioactive substance is not harmful and will leave the body through urination. 


Preparation: 45 minutes; scan: approximately 30 minutes.

After the procedure

If no abnormalities were found, you will be able to go home directly after the procedure.


Your physician will discuss the results with you during your next consultation.

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