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Hormone therapy

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is the use of drugs that block the body’s ability to produce hormones, or interfere with the way these hormones behave in the body. Hormone therapy can only be used in the treatment of cancers that grow as a result of hormones: breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, or thyroid cancer

Hormone therapy - what to expect?

Most hormones can be taken orally as a pill, but can also be administered through an injection.

What kinds of side effects should I expect?

It is hard to predict which side effects you will experience, as this will depend on the hormone you take, and your sensitivity. Some issues you may encounter are: hot flashes, mood fluctuations, joint and bone pain, osteoporosis, and a loss of interest in sex. We will try to make hormone therapy as comfortable as possible for you. 

Because hormone therapy may harm your fertility, we offer the opportunity to cryopreserve your sperm, egg cells, or embryos before the start of your treatment. Your physician will discuss your options with you.


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