Leptomeningeal metastases

Tumors that spread to the fluid in the brain and spinal cord (cerebrospinal fluid) are called leptomeningeal metastases. This is a rare kind of metastasis that primarily occurs in a small number of patients with breast cancer, lung cancer, or malignant skin cancer (melanoma). The tumor cells get into the blood through which they spread to the cerebrospinal fluid.

Second opinion

Maybe you have received your cancer diagnosis elsewhere and would like the Netherlands Cancer Institute to look over your medical history for a second opinion. Read more about requesting a second opinion at our institute here.

You and your practicing physician will decide which diagnostic tests will be needed for your diagnosis and treatment plan. All tests and treatment options are optional, and depend on your overall health and shape, age, and the stage of your disease.

Why the NKI?

You will receive excellent medical care

  • Did you receive the diagnosis of leptomeningeal metastases at a different hospital? We can offer a second opinion and/or treatment plan.
  • We fully integrate research and care which allows us to treat all our patients in accordance with the latest developments and treatment options. We can give you advice fully based on your personal situation.
  • Strong focus on supportive care through physical therapy, psychological care, dietetics, and rehabilitation.
  • Plenty of time for you and your loved ones.


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