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Image made at NKI wins cover art contest

The immune cell shown on this cover of renowned journal Blood was captured by Hans Janssen from the Netherlands Cancer Inst…
4 Mar 2021 16:57

Thesis defense Lisa te Molder

"The most inspiring moment during my PhD research was at a conference. I met someone from the Debra foundation, who told me…
19 Feb 2021 11:32

Nightwatch at the Netherlands Cancer Institute

At the back of the hall, a life-sized replica of the Nightwatch will be on display for the coming two weeks. This allows pa…
12 Feb 2021 14:47

Thesis defense Inge de Krijger | Control of repair activities at DNA double strand breaks and telomeres

"We took the caps off the ends of chromosomes in cells as if it were lego. And then we looked at what happened next. Certai…
11 Feb 2021 12:05

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital brings comprehensive DNA test closer for all cancer patients

This year, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital joined forces with the Hartwig Medical Foundation to deploy the most comprehensi…
10 Feb 2021 08:24

Martijn Stuiver associate group leader Survivorship at the NKI

Clinical epidemiologist Martijn Stuiver has been appointed associate group leader of Lonneke van de Poll’s Survivorship Res…
9 Feb 2021 17:22

Rapid immune response following melanoma treatment leads to excellent prognosis

The risk of recurrence for patients with metastatic melanomas is much smaller if their immune system starts cleaning up t…
8 Feb 2021 17:00

‘The Wings of Science’ – a story of basic research with real life impact

What do Dutch researcher and Oncode Investigator Rene Bernards (NKI) and British columnist and podcaster Deborah James have…
5 Feb 2021 11:05
Fundamental research

Thesis defense Doreth Bhairosing-Kok | Studying the activation states of MutS and MutL in DNA mismatch repair

“Imagine if you took three pictures of a child who is lying down, then sitting up, then standing. You will have a kind of v…
27 Jan 2021 10:50

Prestigious Louis-Jeantet prize for NKI immunologist Ton Schumacher

Immunologist Ton Schumacher of the Netherlands Cancer Institute receives the honorable Louis-Jeantet Prize for translationa…
26 Jan 2021 13:01
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