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COVID-19 vaccine works well during treatment of solid tumors

Most patients with tumors in an organ or tissue who are receiving treatment with immunotherapy and/or chemotherapy respond …
20 Sep 2021 16:15
Chen Mengnuo Bernards Rene 20210831
Precision medicine

European IMI-consortium to study therapy resistance in cancer

A major consortium led by Oncode and AstraZeneca will study treatment resistance in cancer over the coming five years, than…
2 Sep 2021 15:30
Ok 8 Foto Van Andre Jagt

The Netherlands Cancer Institute opens doors of new unique hybrid OR in the Netherlands

Last week, a new hybrid operating room (CT Angio Combination) opened its doors at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). T…
2 Sep 2021 11:00
Haas, Rick Plus RT Apparaat
Precision medicine

Inaugural lecture: 'Off the beaten track for better individual radiotherapy

About fifty different types of sarcoma are known, and all of them are treated with the same dose of radiotherapy. According…
2 Sep 2021 09:00
Ymke Fokma Portret

Drs. Ymke Fokma new member of Netherlands Cancer Institute Board of Directors

The Supervisory Board has appointed Drs. Ymke Fokma as a member of the Board of Directors / Director of Organization and Bu…
1 Sep 2021 13:45
hart van nederland

Cancer research climbing out of a slump after COVID-19, ex-patient Barbara crosses legendary Stelvio for donations | Hart van Nederland

The following article was originally posted on the Hart van Nederland website: Hundreds of Stelvio for Life participants…
25 Aug 2021 11:30
Yang Chao 20210712 01

'Interesting. Let me think about it.’

Last year, in the midst of the first lockdown, researcher Chao Yang moved to Amsterdam to work at the Netherlands Cancer In…
24 Aug 2021 10:15
Collage Palic Semra Blauw

Neglected parasitic disease leishmaniasis addressed at NKI

Leishmaniasis is a terrible disease. It causes huge ulcers, or your organs swell up until you die. Single-celled Leishmania…
19 Aug 2021 10:00

Actionable metastatic cancer genome is remarkably stable over time, despite treatment with drugs

A one-time analysis of the entire tumor DNA is almost always sufficient to find all DNA errors that may be relevant for tre…
9 Aug 2021 17:10
Cover 1

Smart combination therapy for liver cancer tackles drug resistance

Liver cancer is one of the most common cancer types worldwide and is especially common in China. A collaborative effort bet…
21 Jul 2021 17:00
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