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Evolution... Rowland In Science 2021
Fundamental research

Turning people into mosquitoes

With the aid of zoos from all over the world, an international group of scientists has managed to unravel the way in which …
27 May 2021 20:00
Collage Kwint Margriet Blauw
image guided therapy

Thesis Defense Margriet Kwint - Optimizing radiotherapy for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients

18 May                 9.45        Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam New batch of practitioners complements specialists: the Ph…
14 May 2021 10:21
Novel Coronavirus SARS Cov 2 Wikimedia

Cancer researchers’ finding sheds light on COVID immunity

Vaccination campaigns are running worldwide in an attempt to end the COVID-19 pandemic. In the ideal case, the current vacc…
10 May 2021 11:00
Collage Bosma Sophie Blauw
Precision medicine

Thesis defense Sophie Bosma: Developing a personalized radiation treatment for breast cancer

April 30     14.00     University of Amsterdam Developing a personalized radiation treatment for breast cancer “Breast-c…
29 Apr 2021 15:53
Groep Polikliniek Orgaansparende Behandeling

Start of organ-sparing treatment clinic for rectal cancer

Over the past years, we have increased our understanding of organ-sparing treatment for patients with rectal cancer: treatm…
22 Apr 2021 13:39
Collage Brouwer De Koning Susan Blauw

Thesis defense Susan Brouwer de Koning | Navigation system guides surgeon in a jaw

"The best part of my PhD research is about patients in whom the tumor has grown into the lower jaw. About once a month, we …
20 Apr 2021 16:04
Marlies Nowee KWF Logo Still Vierkant

Eight research groups Netherlands Cancer Institute to receive Dutch Cancer Society grants

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding) has awarded grants to 8 teams at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The mon…
13 Apr 2021 16:59

Update about COVID-19 infections at the ward

On Monday last week, several employees and two patients on the 6th floor of the Netherlands Cancer Institute tested positiv…
22 Mar 2021 10:14
M Bloodjournal 135 24 Cover

Image made at NKI wins cover art contest

The immune cell shown on this cover of renowned journal Blood was captured by Hans Janssen from the Netherlands Cancer Inst…
4 Mar 2021 16:57
Collage Molder Lisa Te Rood

Thesis defense Lisa te Molder

"The most inspiring moment during my PhD research was at a conference. I met someone from the Debra foundation, who told me…
19 Feb 2021 11:32
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