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Heijden Van Der Michiel
Fundamental research

Neo-adjuvant immunotherapy combination effective for non-metastatic bladder cancer

This week, researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute published the results of the NABUCCO study in scientific journal…
13 Oct 2020 14:48
Rene Medema AD Okt 2020

Head of the Board of Directors Rene Medema in AD | ‘Smoking takes more lives than corona’

René Medema, director of the Netherlands Cancer Society in Amsterdam, made a controversial statement: he compares the Dutch…
5 Oct 2020 14:07
Duoportret -Hester Oldenburg - Marie Jean Vrancken Peeters Witte Jas

Surgeons publish book "Alles over borstkanker" for patients and their loved ones

On October 1, surgeons Hester Oldenburg and Marie Jeanne Vrancken Peeters of the Netherlands Cancer Institute will publish …
29 Sep 2020 14:13
Regina Beets-Tan

Head of Radiology, Regina Beets-Tan, on interventional radiology for cancer

De afgelopen vijf jaar is in het Antoni van Leeuwenhoek het aantal patiënten dat bij kanker wordt behandeld met interventie…
29 Sep 2020 14:05
Oscar Brouwer met achtergrond hal

Urologist Oscar Brouwer to head the penile cancer guidelines office committee European Association of Urology (EAU)

Oscar Brouwer, urologist specializing in penile cancer, has been promoted to head of the European Association of Urology’…
14 Sep 2020 18:13
Theo Ruers NKI

No instruments? Then your doctor will just have to make some | Theo Ruers in the FD

By cleverly combining affordable technologies, creative Dutch physicians are developing their own tools to treat cancer, ce…
14 Sep 2020 10:45
Hilda Barros Foto Fluorescent Licht Prostaatkanker
image guided therapy

For the first time in the Netherlands: Fluorescent light reveals prostate cancer during surgery

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) – part of the Dutch Prostate Cancer Network – has started using a new surgical techn…
18 Aug 2020 10:00
Daniel Peeper Immuunresistente Cellen

Pre-existing immune-resistant cancer cells identified in melanoma

Researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Oncode Institute have discovered a cluster of tumor cells that are refr…
11 Aug 2020 16:28
Wilbert Zwart (1)
Fundamental research

DNA programme leads to breakthrough in prostate cancer metastases research | Wilbert Zwart at

Metastatic prostate cancer cells that spread throughout the patient's body reactivate a DNA program responsible for fetal p…
30 Jul 2020 16:21
Microscopiefoto Prostaatkanker Uitgezaaid Naar Lymfeklier Patiã«Nt Copyright AVL
Fundamental research

Metastatic prostate cancer hijacks DNA program for embryonic development

Prostaatkankercellen die uitzaaien door het lichaam van de kankerpatiënt, reactiveren een programma in het DNA dat er in de…
20 Jul 2020 17:00
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