NKI volunteer Henk Eising hands first copy of his new book to André van Duin

4 Jun 2021 10:14

On Friday, July 4, Henk Eising, volunteer at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, handed the first copy of his book Handen aan het bed! (Hands on Bed!) to André van Duin. In his book, Henk Eising talks about his experiences as a patient transport volunteer in his own fashion. The full net profit of the book will be donated to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Foundation.

Van Duin did not have any doubts about whether he should support this "beautiful, sympathetic initiative". Despite all the struggles he and his partner have faced over the past years, he greatly appreciates the NKI and its staff and wants to try and boost the book's sales through his collaboration.

The book

Handen aan het bed! is a unique and heartwarming insight into what goes on behind the walls of our institute. Together with his colleagues, Henk transports patients from their wards to the research or treatment rooms. This takes some of the pressure off our health care professionals. These volunteers have their hands on the bed every single day, and Eising experienced beautiful, touching, tragic, and funny or even hilarious conversations. As it turns out, humor plays an important role in supporting people in need.
The book is a collection of short stories about poignant, touching, and funny moments that took place along the way.  In short, a book full of interesting life stories and very special people.  All donations to the AVL Foundation will directly benefit cancer research at the NKI.

You can buy the book here.

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