Update about COVID-19 infections at the ward

22 Mar 2021 10:14

March 19, 2021

On Monday last week, several employees and two patients on the 6th floor of the Netherlands Cancer Institute tested positive for COVID-19. We have taken immediate action to prevent the further spread of the virus. All patients on the 6th floor ward have been tested as a precaution, as was the entire staff of the floor. 2 patients and 10 employees tested positive. The patients have been receiving their care in isolation and have since left the hospital. All employees are self-isolating at home.

Last weekend (5 days after the potential contact moment as per the RIVM policy) all patients and employees on the 6th floor were tested a second time. The test showed that all other patients still staying on the 6th floor, and all patients who have since gone home did not have COVID-19. 3 additional employees were infected, however. They are currently self-isolating at home. As a result, the floor has been reopened for new patients.