Treatment with lutetium-PSMA gives prostate cancer patients new hope

21 Feb 2023 10:15

Two years ago, the Netherlands Cancer Institute was the first hospital in the Netherlands to offer treatment with Lutetium-PSMA covered by insurance. This treatment can help patients with metastatic prostate cancer who no longer have treatment options available to them but who are in good shape. The tumors need to have PSMA characteristics. 

Over the last year, more than 100 patients have been treated with Luterium-PSMA at the NKI, and the treatment has been provided more than 300 times. Some of these people were already patients at the NKI, others were patients at other hospitals who were referred to us for this treatment. The results of this treatment are promising: patients receiving treatment with Lutetium-PSMA live longer on average and maintain a better quality of life compared to patients not receiving this therapy. The treatment isn't too hard on the body and does not come with too many side effects. The treatment consists of 4 to 6 injections over several months. Patients receive their treatment at the outpatient clinic and can usually go home 6 hours after administration.

Expanding capacity

Treatment with Lutetium-PSMA was limited in its availability over the past two years, which meant that not every patient could get the treatment. It took a lot of time and energy to get this treatment started. The ward, lab, and number of scanners at the Netherlands Cancer Institute has been expanded, and we have twice the capacity available now compared to last year, which means that more people can receive this treatment. Qualifying patients can now receive treatment within 4 weeks after their referral. The team of experts guiding this treatment is ready for the future.

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