Frequently asked questions

What if I cannot make it to my appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment by calling +31 (0)20 5129111. We will refer you to the correct department. Please make sure that you contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment, if possible.

Will I be charged for my appointments at the Survivorship Center?

If you are a patient at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, your appointments at the Survivorship Center will be free. 

As a loved one, will I need the patient's permission to schedule a consultation?

Yes, you will need permission because the person treating you will need to add notes to the patient's file.


Can my loved ones or children receive care at the Survivorship Center?

The NKI is accessible to your loved ones or children. You can make an appointment with our psychosocial services. All consultations will focus on supporting the parents in dealing with cancer in the family. if necessary, we will facilitate specialized guidance for the children in their own region.

Do I need a referral?

If necessary, your practicing physician or contact person will refer you to the Survivorship Center. Patients receiving treatment at the NKI can always contact the Nurse Navigator for advice. Click here for more information. 

What can I do if I am experiencing cognitive impairments related to cancer and cancer treatment?

Please find more information on our page Cognitive impairments related to cancer and cancer treatment.