Center for Quality of Life

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Center for Quality of Life

Receiving cancer treatment at the Netherlands Cancer Institute can be stressful. The Center for Quality of Life offers support to patients and their loved ones during every stage of their treatment, including preparation, treatment, and aftercare. The experienced health care professionals from 14 different fields at the Center for Quality of Life are available to offer support in nearly every situation. We stay updated with the latest developments and innovations, and are often among the first to implement them.

We start by listening to you. How are you feeling? What challenges are you facing? What do you need? We consider not just your physical condition, but your entire situation, including your mental well-being. Are you having trouble sleeping? How is life at home? How is your support system handling your new circumstances? We make sure that we understand the complete picture and create a tailored plan together with you. Then we get to work. If it turns out that we need to make adjustments during your journey, we adapt the plan together with you.

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Scientific research

Scientific research has a prominent role at the Center for Quality of Life. Quality care starts with understanding the effects cancer and its treatment can have on the quality of life, and finding meaningful interventions.

Why do some patients have problems while others don't? And how can we best guide and support our patients and their loved ones? We run trials to find out when specific problems surface and whether our treatment and interventions are effective. This will help us deliver the best personalized care possible to our patients and their loved ones.

Open trials at the Center for Quality of Life

Open trials

  • P16HNR: multicenter trial looking into the quality of follow-up care for patients with head and neck cancer  (a prospective observational multicenter study).
  • CALM study: study looking into the attainability of offering conversations for patients with metastatic cancer according to a new method from Canada: Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM). CALM has a positive effect on the quality of life of patients and can help prevent depression. The study investigates whether this therapy works just as well in the Netherlands as it does in Canada.
  • HNC Lymfoedeem

Completed trials

  • MOVE-Fit study (M17MOV): multicenter trial looking into the attainability of movement intervention during chemotherapy for head and neck cancer. 
  • PABLO study: multicenter trial looking into the efficacy of movement stimulation through the internet, with or without additional physical therapy coaching.
  • HEART study: multicenter trial looking into the possible effects of training during chemotherapy for breast cancer on the heart.
  • CPIB study (M17CPI): multicenter trial looking into the usefulness of the communication participation questionnaire.



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