Diagnostics and Treatment Center

Our Diagnostics and Treatment Center (Onderzoek en Behandel Centrum; OBC) is a unique department within the Netherlands Cancer Institute. You can come here to have endoscopic tests done, or to receive treatment for gastrointestinal diseases, urology, lung disease, or gynecology. We also do small procedures at the center, such as pain treatment, general surgery, head and neck surgery, and plastic surgery. We can help you change your catheter, feeding tubes, drainages, or do a bladder rinse or photodynamic therapy (PDT). The clinical staff at the OBC provides information sessions for gastrointestinal illness. We also have a recovery room for patients waking up after sedation. 


An endoscope is a flexible tube that can be used to enter the body through its orifices. At the end of this scope is a camera with a light attached. You can follow the procedure on a screen. The endoscope can take pictures or videos of the intestines, and help your physician take tissue biopsies (little bites from the tissue), fluids, or remove polyps.

Population screening (BVO)

Your intake will be at the clinic, the colonoscopy center. The actual diagnostic test will be done at the Diagnostics and Treatment Center. 

Recovery room Diagnostics and Treatment Center

After your sedation, you will need to recover at the recovery room. There are two types of sedation you can get for your procedure.

  • Mild sedation: this will help reduce discomfort during the procedure.
  • General anesthesia: you will be under complete sedation under the supervision of a sedation specialist. We will set up a consultation at the clinic or by phone with your specialist so he or she can inform you about the sedation and what you can expect.

After receiving (mild) sedation you cannot go home alone.

Small procedures

  • Surgical procedures can be done under local anesthesia. We will set up a follow-up consultation at the clinic or by phone.
  • Catheters and feeding tubes will be replaced by cynical staff at the diagnostics and treatment center.
  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) will be given by clinical staff at the Diagnostics and Treatment Center.
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