Hoofddorp, Voorgevel

Radiotherapy branch in Hoofddorp

The Netherlands Cancer Institute offers its patients the possibility to receive treatment in Hoofddorp. Radiotherapy is a highly specialized treatment that is only available in select locations. In our radiotherapy branch in Hoofddorp you will receive the same care you would expect at the Netherlands Cancer Institute's primary location, but you won't have to travel as far.

Our branch in Hoofddorp, located in the Spaarne Gasthuis, provides the same high-quality care as you would receive in our radiotherapy department in Amsterdam. We have two linear accelerators available at this location, and our staff rotates between Amsterdam and Hoofddorp.

Before receiving radiotherapy, you will meet your specialist. Then you will have your CT scan and/or MRI scan in our hospital in Amsterdam. Afterward, you can come to our radiotherapy branch in Hoofddorp to receive your radiation sessions. 

Hoofddorp, Wachtruimte

Radiotherapy in Hoofddorp:

→ Light and spacious design
→ The same committed and friendly staff
→ Parking near the entrance
→ Bus station near the Spaarne Gasthuis

Visitor's address near the Spaarne Gasthuis

Spaarnepoort 1
2134 TM Hoofddorp

T: +3123 224 8800

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Route by car

The NKI Radiotherapy branch can be found on the back of the Spaarne Gasthuis.

Please turn right at the blue sign when driving to the Spaarne Gasthuis, towards the parking gate.

Please use the left gate to reach the visitors parking lot (bezoekers P). You can find us on the ground floor of the Oncology Center 


Route public transport

The Spaarne Gasthuis can be found next to the bus stop for the following bus lines:

Departure from station Hoofddorp

  • Bus 300 in the direction of Haarlem: Station boven Hoofddorp – Spaarne Gasthuis boven Hoofddorp
  • Bus 401 in the direction of Bennebroek Anemonenplein: Station beneden Hoofddorp – Spaarne Gasthuis beneden Hoofddorp
  • Bus 340 in the direction of Haarlem: Station beneden Hoofddorp – Spaarne Gasthuis beneden Hoofddorp

Departure from station Haarlem

  • Bus 300 in the direction of AMS Bijlmer Arena via airport: Station Haarlem – Spaarne Gasthuis boven Hoofddorp
  • Bus 340 in the direction of Uithoorn: Station Haarlem – Spaarne Gasthuis beneden Hoofddorp

The difference between the boven and beneden Spaarne Gasthuis bus stops

  • Bus stop Spaarne Gasthuis boven Hoofddorp takes you to the hospital ground floor (central hall).
  • Bus stop Spaarne Gasthuis beneden Hoofddorp arrives under the road (-1). Please take the stairs or elevator to the central hall.


You can park your bike near the entrance.

Hoofddorp, Receptie

Reception desk

Once you enter the central hall of the Spaarne Gasthuis, you can walk past the front desk and turn right. Walk through the long hallway until the end, to department C. Then take the stairs or elevator down.

At the bottom of the staircase, please walk through the two sets of sliding doors. You have entered the Netherlands Cancer Institute's Radiotherapy Branch. Please let the front desk know that you have arrived.

More information about the NKI Radiotherapy department

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