Quiet zone and prayer room

You can find our quiet zone in the main hall of the Netherlands Cancer Centre. This space is ideal for meditation, prayer, or relaxation. Feel free to burn a candle or write down your thoughts in the book.

The four elements

The four elements are a central theme in the quiet zone: water, earth, fire, and air. Nineteen stone slabs have been attached to one of the walls, featuring symbols from various faiths.

Islamic prayer room

The zone features an Islamic prayer room with its own entrance. This room is designed in soft green tones, according the Islamic regulations.

The quiet zone and prayer room are open at all times during day and night. You are always welcome to visit.

Sunday service at the Glass Room

Every Sunday morning at 10.30, we hold a Sunday prayer service at the Netherlands Cancer Institute's Glass Room. This service is open to anyone, including family members and loved ones. If you would like to attend but are restricted to your bed or wheelchair, one of our volunteers can pick you up. You can receive communion or your meal afterwards in your room.