MIBG scan

What is a MIBG scan

A MIBG scan can help us diagnose various processes of illnesses in the body. Some neuroendocrine tumors (NET) will absorb the MIBG proteins, confusing it for one of the body’s own hormones. We will administer MIBG proteins bound with radioactive iodine through an IV into the bloodstream. Once the tumors have absorbed the proteins, a gamma camera can help pinpoint their exact locations. After at least one day, we can use the gamma camera for imaging. To protect your thyroid, you will need to take iodine tablets before we administer the proteins. The radioactive substance we use during the diagnostic testing is not harmful and will leave the body through urination. 


15 minutes for the IV, 30 to 60 minutes for imaging (not on the same day).

After the procedure

You will be able to go home immediately.


Your physician will discuss the results with you during your next consultation.


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