Tissue biopsy

What is a tissue biopsy?

A tissue biopsy is a procedure in which a tissue or cell sample is taken from the body, usually while you are under local anesthesia. We use a hollow needle to take a biopsy, and use an ultrasound or CT scan to determine the precise location for the biopsy. A pathologist will analyze the biopsy at the lab to find out whether your abnormality is malignant or benign. In the case of a tumor, the pathologist can also determine its specific properties, which will allow us to better adapt the treatment to you and your situation. 

15 – 45 minutes

After the procedure
If we expect a risk of complications, you will need to stay for an hour for aftercare. Otherwise you can go home immediately after. We recommend bringing someone with you who can take you home. 

Your practicing physician will discuss the results with you during your next consultation. 


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