Stem cell transplant

Autologous stem cell transplant 

In certain circumstances, patients may undergo an extremely high dose of chemotherapy followed by an autologous stem cell transplant. The goal of this treatment is to increase the chances of recovery or extended remission. Because patients who have received such high doses of chemotherapy are likely to be unable to produce the usual number of red blood cells, stem cells harvested from the patient themselves are used to support the treatment. 


If you are receiving a stem cell transplant, your stem cells are harvested before you receive the high-dose chemotherapy through a catheter inserted into your vein. This is also known as leukapheresis. These stem cells will be returned intravenously into the patient’s bloodstream after the high-dose chemotherapy. The stem cells will grow into blood cells in the bone marrow where they can recover the blood count.

Treatment for which cancer types?

This intensive treatment type, autologous stem cell transplant, can be given after previous chemotherapy treatment for certain types of cancer in the lymph nodes, the multiple myeloma, recurrent testicular cancer after previous chemotherapy, and breast cancer under certain circumstances as part of a trial.

More information

For more information about autologous stem cell transplants, please see our patient flyer on peripheral stem cell transplants or ask your practicing physician or nurse.

Allogeneic stem cell transplant 

Besides an autologous stem cell transplant, we can give you an allogeneic stem cell transplant. This means that you will receive a stem cell from a matching donor after preparatory treatment. We do not offer this treatment at our hospital, so you will have to go to a university hospital for your transplant.

Treatment for which cancer types?

Allogeneic stem cell transplants can be used in very specific circumstances as a treatment for acute leukemia, multiple myeloma, and certain types of lymph node cancer.

Fertility preservation

This treatment may affect your fertility. If desired, we offer the opportunity for fertility preservation.