What is T-VEC treatment?

T-VEC is a new and safe treatment type that can be used for metastases as a result of melanoma, an aggressive type of skin cancer. In this treatment, we will administer the virus responsible for cold sores, adapted to destroy cancer cells and strengthen the immune system against cancer, into the metastases. These will shrink and disappear mostly or entirely. 

What to expect?

On the day of your first T-VEC treatment, please check in at the clinic. We will take pictures of the skin tumors and inform you about the treatment. Then you will have a blood test. Afterward, you will head to the Diagnostics and Treatment Center (OBC) for your first T-VEC treatment. The medicine will be injected into or under your skin. This may cause discomfort. After the injection, you will get a band-aid and your physician or clinical nurse specialist will discuss your next steps and the potential side effects with you. You can go home on the same day.

You will come in for your second T-VEC treatment 3 weeks later, this time with a stronger dose. You will repeat this treatment every 2 weeks until there are no more areas to inject, or if the treatment proves ineffective. The total treatment will take at least 3 months.

What are the side effects?

You may feel feverish, itching, or skin irritation surrounding the injection.


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T-VEC treatment: what to expect?

Would you like to learn more about T-VEC treatment? How does it work and what kinds of side effects can you expect? We have summarized the most important information for you in this video: