TUR for bladder cancer

What is a TUR for bladder cancer?

TUR for bladder cancer, also known as a TransUrethral Resection for bladder cancer, is a procedure through which a bladder abnormality (polyp/tumor) is surgically removed through the urethra. You will be under general or local anesthesia during the procedure. We will send the tissue to the laboratory for diagnostic testing. A tube will remain in the urethra to rinse the bladder. We will decide when the catheter is ready for removal at the department. Most people only have to spend one night at the hospital. 

You will receive the results of the diagnostic tests within approximately 2 weeks. We will schedule a consultation with your practicing physician, either at the hospital or by phone. 

Preoperative screening

Before your surgery, you will be invited to meet with your anesthesiologist at the outpatient clinic for a consultation and a brief examination to assess your overall shape and any potential particularities we will need to keep in mind. The consultation assistant will measure your heart rate and blood pressure and will inquire about your height and weight. If needed, we can take those measurements during the appointment.


This preoperative screening will take approximately 20 minutes and will form the base of your anesthesia. Your anesthesiologist will listen to your lungs and heart and inspect your mouth and throat in preparation of the breathing tube that will be placed during surgery. Your anesthesiologist will also ask you:

  •       whether you have been under anesthesia before
  •       whether you have any other conditions
  •       whether you have taken cancer medicine before
  •       whether you have had radiation treatment before
  •       whether you have any allergies
  •       whether you smoke
  •       whether you drink alcohol
  •       what kind of medication you take


It is important to tell your anesthesiologist which type of medication and which dose you take, and how often you take it. Your physician may want to run more tests before your surgery, such as: electrocardiogram (ECG), lung x-rays, a lung function test, or a blood test.

Additional treatment

Most bladder cancer patients have a superficial tumor that can be removed through the TUR procedure. You may need supplementary treatment such as intravesical therapy - medicinal rinsing of the bladder.

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